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2015-2016 Christmas and/or New Year Card Exchange

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching, and so too is the time of giving and sharing. So why not take advantage of this time to reach out and send our love to fellow paanas. And not only that, it’s also a lot of fun waiting on letters to arrive in your mail box.

How it works
Anyone is welcome to sign up, even if your fandom does not originate with NEWS (but please keep it within Johnny’s fans). Anyone who participates will be expected to send at least one item to a fellow paana, and will receive at least one item in return.
To participate you simply have to fill out the sign-up form and send it as a comment to this post (All comments are screened). It is there that you will provide your address details and answer a few questions too.  Once sign-ups close, you will be randomly assigned to another participant and then Paana playground will contact you with the details you need to send your card.

What to send
All that you need to send is ONE card/letter. Anything in addition to the card is at your own discretion.

Who will I send to?
In your sign-up form, you will be asked how many people you would like to send to. You can send to a maximum of 5 people. However, please be aware that you may still only receive one card in return (I will do my best to keep this fair).
Your partners will be decided based on how many people you are sending to and from there it will be randomised.

Handling of addresses
You will have to be willing to provide your address in a screened comment to this post in order to participate in this event. Your address will ONLY be given out to others as part of this event (the people sending to you). After the event, all screened comments will be deleted as an extra precaution.

1. Fill in sign-up form before 20/11/2015.
2. Wait until sign-ups close at which time Paana Playground will contact you with the details of your recipient.
3. Send your item to your recipient before 12/12/2015.
4. Post a comment in the confirmation of completion post (HERE), saying that you have sent your item/s.
5. Wait for the arrival of your card/s. Once you recieve a card, please post a comment HERE.

Sign-up Form:
How many people I want to send cards to:
Anything extra: (How many people I want to send to me, other Johnny’s groups, things you might want your sender to know, special requests/requirements, questions, etc)

Name: Shigeaki Kato
Nickname: Shige
Bias: Tegoshi
How many people I want to send cards to: 3
Address: WHITE Building, Room 915,
4 fan street,
Paana-shi, Tokyo
Japan, 444-4444
Anything extra: You can’t have conversations with stickers, so please don’t put them on my cards. Thanks.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them as a comment to this post or a private message to the mod. Only comments with questions about the exchange may be unscreened. I'm looking forward to your participation and may even participate myself. Lets spread the holiday cheer, Paana style.

Special thanks to bunny_alice for the banner picture.
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